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Glen's Crayon Art



Crayon and what else?

My drawings are 100% Crayola Crayon and acid free paper. There are no sprays or coatings to preserve the drawings.

Will the crayon art fade?

Almost all mediums will fade if exposed to sunlight. Keep the pictures out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat sources, and they will last as long as crayons last.

Do you draw or sketch outlines before you begin?

Sometimes. Usually, I draw a faint outline and then go to crayon. Other times, I do more penciling.

How long does it take you to do a piece?

I just don’t try and keep track. If I rush I might “go out of the lines” :)

How do you get detail with crayons?

Keep your crayons sharp. I use a crayon sharpener like the one on the back of a box of Crayola 64 Crayons.

How did you get started with this medium?

A teacher once told me, "You can make crayons look like oil paint if you work at it". It was an inspiration and a challenge then as it is now.

What is a Giclee print?

This is a very high quality print which replicates the detail and texture of the original. It is a new word invented for the digital printing of art with archival inks and paper.